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What is the hotline 1800? Find out more about hotline 1800

Currently, virtual switchboard is becoming a new business trend that Vietnamese businesses pay great attention to. To build a complete virtual switchboard system, suitable for businesses and customers, you should also focus on choosing the right hotline number. In this article, we will help you better understand the 1800 hotline ? Learn more about the 1800 switchboard.

1. What is the hotline 1800?

The hotline 1800 is a free number to call in. For example, when contacting this number, the caller will be 100% free of call charges. This means that all costs arising from an incoming call will be covered by the registered business.

This is a popular switchboard, widely used in businesses that want to focus on customer care, business product consulting, technical support, post-purchase care, etc.

2. Why should you choose the hotline 1800?

Good customer service is a way to increase sales for businesses. In particular, industries with a large number of customers that need to be taken care of and need to be done regularly such as: retail, dentistry, equipment, etc. Therefore, choosing 1800 switchboard will be a way for businesses to improve high efficiency of customer care. The following benefits include:

Tong Dai Hotline 1800 La Gi Tim Hieu Chi TietWhy should you choose the hotline 1800

2.1 Free 100% call charges from customers

Call rates are one of the things that businesses care about, limiting customers to actively contact you. This will be fixed when using the 1800 number. Incoming calls are completely free. Thereby promoting customers to contact immediately when a need arises or has a question that needs to be answered

Tong Dai Hotline 1800 La Gi Tim Hieu Chi Tiet 1Free call charges


2.2 Regardless of geographical location

Hotline 1800 is a unified phone number that is widely used nationwide. No need to add area code when calling. No matter where your customers are, they can make calls quickly.

Besides, if the business changes its business address, there is no need to change the number. This is extremely convenient when businesses already have a certain number of customers who remember their Hotline number.

2.3 PBX 1800 without platform limit

If your business uses many 3rd party platforms such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or sales management software, there is no need to worry. On the market today, there are many virtual PBXs with unlimited platforms, which you will easily integrate without any problems.


Information about customer characteristics will be aggregated and displayed in detail when there is an incoming call. This is a way for businesses to quickly grasp customer profiles, their needs and have appropriate product advice, closing orders more easily.

2.4 Distributing calls to extensions quickly

The 1800 switchboard helps you receive incoming calls and distribute them to the system’s extensions. When one extension is busy, incoming calls are automatically redirected to other extensions. With calls outside office hours, customers will receive a waiting notice, recording the request.

Or, divert calls to other mobile numbers for care. Using a virtual switchboard, customer care not only stops during office hours, but consultants can receive calls at any time. As a result, promptly respond to customers’ problems and needs.

2.5 Increase the professionalism of the business

If you want to bring to your customers a professional customer care switchboard system, the 1800 switchboard will help you do that. The number is short, easy to remember, and extremely popular.

By using the number head you can score with customers, become more professional. In addition, having its own number will make it more convenient for businesses to promote their brands.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the 1800 hotline that we want to share. Good luck!

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