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What are tickets? What you need to know for effective customer care

Ticket  is an important concept in customer information management and customer care. This concept is common in the operations of the customer care department / customer information management / sales and consulting switchboard of the business. Let’s find out in the article below

1. What is a ticket?

A ticket, also known as a ticket/support ticket, is an information sheet related to a customer’s problem that needs to be resolved/supported. Ticket helps businesses to record, track, manage and quickly handle customer issues.

Ticket La Gi Nhung Dieu Can Biet De Cham Soc Khach HangTicket concept


For example: When you use StringeeX multi-channel customer care switchboard software, for each call/message/email, etc., receiving a problem from a customer, the StringeeX software system will automatically create a ticket. correspondingly for customer care staff to track arising problems, update customer information as well as note the needs that customers are interested in.

One record is in charge of a customer service staff/department. Each record will contain full information about the customer, and can be customized according to the business’s business. Some software providers like StringeeX also provide APIs to connect tickets from CRM to other software of the business to increase management efficiency and coordinate work between many departments.

2. Instructions for using tickets to manage customer information and take care of customers

2.1 Customizing information fields in tickets

Ticket is a place to manage customer information, to assist customer care staff in synthesizing information and answering customer problems as quickly as possible.

Ticket La Gi Nhung Dieu Can Biet De Cham Soc Khach Hang 1Information in Ticket

Therefore, software providers often allow businesses to customize the desired fields of information displayed in the record such as: full name, date of birth, job title, business, contact information, status of cutomer,…

As an admin, you can completely adjust these fields to match the information your business requires.

2.2 How to create a ticket

Tickets (records) are usually created by customer service staff or automatically created by customer information management (CRM) software systems/customer care switchboard software with CRM features.

On StringeeX, there are ways to create a scorecard as follows:

Manual creation:  employees manually create tickets for customer information by clicking the create ticket button, entering detailed information in the required fields.

Automatic generation:  the system automatically generates when there is interaction from customers

  • When there is a call to/email/chat/Facebook/Zalo,… from customers to business communication channels
  • When employees use switchboard software to call/send mail/chat/Zalo/Facebook to customers

2.3 How to use tickets (records)

Normally, a note will be designed with 3 parts: general information about the status of the note, the content to make notes on the note, and a summary of customer information.

Part 1 – General information about the status of the record, the staff will enter and edit information such as the agent in charge of processing the record, the status of the record, the priority classification of the record, … On this information, agents and managers easily classify the status of the records and quickly process the records that need to be done.

Part 2- the content of the record, the interface will allow the agent (agent) to track the history of customer updates over time, chats, call recordings, notes on customer needs. customer demand. In addition, in the main content of the note, the StringeeX switchboard software also allows employees to make calls, compose emails, reply to messages, etc. with customers as well as set reminders. automatic work.

Part 3 – contact information section.  This information section provides full contact information of the customer, staff can update and edit the information fields here such as email, phone number, facebook, VIP customer classification – regular customer, information descriptions, etc. In particular, this information also gives the agent the right to create and view sub-tickets (sub-tasks) of the work in progress, to coordinate with other employees or other departments.

3. Conclusion

Above is all the information about Ticket that we want to share. Good luck!

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