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Google real estate advertising is now widely applied incompanies that open for sale a certain project; land plots, apartments, etc. You can refer to our advertising services to help you make the most of the marketing power of your real estate.

A. Why is real estate advertising on Google so effective

Google has developed a system for real estate advertising that allows real estate advertisers to target their audience in a way that is most profitable. The new system not only saves time, but also allows advertisers to sell at an even higher rate than ever before.

Every day, Google is everyone’s best search engine . To this day, Google is considered one of the top spots in many countries as it is an international search engine that provides high quality results.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we find information in our daily lives. In the past, one had to visit the library or search for information about a book, but now it can be found on sites like Google. There are even apps that can help you find homes for sale and rentals. The internet is making it easier than ever to find the homes of our dreams and invest in it thanks to Google.

Why Is Real Estate Advertising On Google So Effective

Google has been in the real estate investment business for a long time and is one of the best known companies in the market. Their search engine is an important part of their real estate advertising strategy and their scale impact on the real estate industry is seen around the world.

Real estate advertisers are increasingly turning to Google Ads as their real estate ad serving platform. This is because Google Ads serves ads on top of the content so it can be used to target potential customers with the right message at the right time and place.

B. Features of real estate advertising on Google


  • The website is an online store where you can buy different types of products. To increase sales, the company considered placing ads on the website. Google Adwords is a system that uses specific keywords and phrases to generate organic search traffic on the internet. We ‘ll have placed ads for a wide range of keywords and phrases to increase both click-through rates and revenue for the company .
  • Businesses and customers can quickly and easily establish a strong relationship with each other through real estate advertising at Google. This helps generate more business for both parties, as well as increase brand awareness and in turn gives the company more opportunities for growth.
  • Search engine giant Google has a digital advertising system that allows advertisers to create ads, proactively track their ad performance and get them live in no time.
  • Google Ads is one of the most influential tools in a company’s marketing and analytics . Google Ads allows marketers to target their ads to key audiences at specific times and places.
  • Google Adwords is a free platform for businesses to advertise their products and services online. Businesses can register for free and only pay when an audience clicks on an ad link to visit your website or call the business.

Features Of Real Estate Advertising On Google


There is always a competitor that can beat you on google ads. However, with online advertising and social media, it has become easier for companies to compete with unfair competitors. Therefore, there will be an amount of money spent but not effective .

B. Lokas provides real estate advertising service on Google 

Lokas is a real estate advertising service that helps advertisers attract high-quality leads and bring you the best revenue.

1. What we aim for

  • Delivers extremely good conversion rates optimized from Google real estate ads.
  • Helps you prevent spam clicks from click pirates from brokers.
  • Make sure each cost of click on Google ads is the most optimal currently.
  • Bringing the desire and need to leave customer information such as: Phone number, Email, …

2. We do it

  • People tend to use the same keywords very often, so we analyze the selection of different keywords strategically.
  • Review and test the best ad time and placement.
  • Block IPs of brokers with black clicks.
  • Optimize content, edit images and videos for the best effect .
  • Design and prepare website content SEO standard.

Nowadays, real estate Google Adwords advertising is booming. If you want to enter this lucrative market, you need to know how to get started. In today’s market, real estate ads are getting a lot of attention and people are spending a lot of money on them . Real estate advertising is a great way to increase your existing traffic, but it also means you need to spend money. Contact us now to start our campaign day !

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