The ways to run effective Facebook ads you should not ignore

How to run effective Facebook ads is always a difficult problem for newbies because you can’t find a source of quality information to learn and practice. The information you find is all general, even not updated for a long time.

So far, if you just know how to run Facebook ads normally, in this article Lokas will guide you through a series of processes on how to run extremely effective Facebook ads .

The most effective way to run facebook ads is to understand the terminology of facebook:

When you’re new to running Facebook ads, you’ll need to hone in on a lot of the basics. The concept of terms when advertising on Facebook is something you need to know for yourself. Because when you know, you can  read the metrics in Facebook ads. Remember, the first effective way to run Facebook ads is to memorize its terms!


Learn Facebook advertising knowledge to avoid scams

Currently, you will find a lot of Facebook Marketing services such as:

  • Facebook Ads.
  • Increase followers, increase Fanpage likes, …
  • Buy and sell Fanpage.
  • Buying/selling/renting Facebook ad accounts,…
  • Buy and sell Visa/MasterCard cards to run Facebook ads.

And many of you have encountered a situation of being scammed and lost money because newbies often do not detect sophisticated tricks.

Another part, Facebook ads with quite a lot of complicated operations. If you do not know the operation, crooks are very likely to take advantage of your knowledge gaps to take advantage of money.

So invest in your knowledge, this is definitely something you have to do. Once the knowledge is mastered, finding how to run effective Facebook ads is no longer difficult.


Proficient use of customer research tools:

Facebook offers us a free tool to study the behavior of our potential customers, called  Audience Insights. While the user is online, Facebook will keep a record of all the behavior and preferences that person shows. For example, what page they like, or what information they share, etc. Facebook is saved to support advertisers.

Audience Insights will be a tool  to help us study customer behavior , helping you advertise precisely to the people who need your products. You will know everything about potential customers such as age, gender, interests, income, etc., everything.

Advertising on Facebook is similar to other forms of advertising. You must  understand your customers very well. You have to know what customers like, what phone they use, how much they earn, where they frequent. Only then can you target them accurately.

In this step, you have to research carefully about customers, their behavior and preferences, to run ads properly. This is one of the ways to run effective facebook ads you should keep in mind.


Trying many forms is how to run effective facebook ads:

One of the ways to run effective Facebook ads that you do not ignore is to try many forms of advertising.

Advertising on Facebook has many different forms, increasingly diverse. You should use  many ways to approach  your customers. In particular, I will guide you in different ways, little known, suitable for newcomers.

When you advertise differently from your competitors, customers will remember you and be impressed with your brand. Each form of advertising has a different purpose. There are 2 types of advertising: Instagram ads and Facebook Messenger ads.

The reason Lokas proposes to you the above 2 forms of advertising is because it is less competitive than the common form of advertising, suitable for newcomers. In addition to the two forms above, you can still actively “advertise” for posts or Fanpage without spending a single penny. It is Seeding (Inciting Content) to promote customers to self-debate and increase interaction.

How to run effective facebook ads is Remarketing:

Remarketing (also known as remarketing), this is a technique I think you  MUST learn it. This is also an effective way to run facebook ads you should not ignore. The reason it’s important is because:

  • When Facebook advertising is a fishing rod for many people, you need to outperform them in Facebook remarketing techniques. Currently not many people know or master it.
  • About 2% of customers make a purchase the first time they see a product. Remarketing techniques will help you reach 98% of customers who have ever visited your product.
  • Increase your brand coverage to potential customers, helping to remember the brand in customers’ minds.
  • Reach the right customers, the right message => increase the purchase rate .

Above are the knowledge related to the question of how to run effective facebook ads, hope the above article will bring you useful information!

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