SMS Brandname – how to distinguish advertising and customer care messages

SMS Brandname is a type of message that a business sends to a customer’s mobile phone number in the sender section, which will display the company name or brand that the business has registered with the network operator. This type of message is not sent manually like regular SMS, but it is created and sent directly on the system of service providers.

SMS Brandname has two types: Advertising messages and customer care messages. So what is the difference between them in terms of content and requirements when using them? Please continue reading the article below!


Classification of SMS Brandname:

SMS Brandname Customer Care:

SMSBrandname content does not contain advertising keywords, if you send it wrong, you will be blocked at the network operator system and if you are deliberately wrong, you will be administratively fined up to 30 million / message.

Content contains personal information such as:

  • Send SMS OTP to verify information.
  • Text the winning code to accumulate points for gift exchange.
  • Notify monthly electricity and water bills, time to pay, notice electricity bills paid by customers.
  • Information from banks: Account fluctuations, customer account balances.
  • Send a letter of thanks and gratitude to longtime customers using services at the bank
  • Send login password.
  • Transaction confirmation, order confirmation, debt repayment schedule reminder, balance change notification.
  • Survey service quality / collect customer information.
  • Happy birthday, give a discount code
  • Update specials, promotions and discounts.
  • Update the location, time of the exhibition, event, meeting.


SMS Brandname Advertising:

Promotional SMS Brandname is a message sent to a customer’s computer with the content of introducing products, services or promotions, promotions or discounts:

  • Brand communication with lucky codes on products to combine bonus spin minigames.
  • Brand communication, new product introduction.
  • Send discount coupons to arouse customers’ curiosity to learn about the product.
  • Please use the product/invite to download the app when launching a new product/service.
  • Promote upcoming big events and festivals with location and time information…
  • Promotions Flash sale, Black Friday, holidays, Tet, …
  • Promote dining venues and restaurants directly to customers through multi-channels, maximizing brand awareness….

Promotional information cannot exceed 50% and must be contacted by address or hotline.


What are the benefits of using SMS Brandname?

  • Low cost: The cost for businesses to deploy SMS Marketing is many times more economical than other means.
  • Ease of use: With a simple designed system and features, you can easily use SMS Marketing with a few taps to complete the campaign.
  • Send messages quickly: After setting up the necessary content for the message, businesses just need to press the send button and customers can receive it.
  • High open rate: With SMS Marketing, messages will not be marked as spam and have a much higher open rate than Email Marketing.
  • Personalization: SMS Marketing allows users to personalize the messages sent, thereby effectively increasing the conversion rate.

Above is the basic information about SMS Brandname and how to distinguish advertising messages and customer care. Hope the article will bring you useful information!

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