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Learn everything about Technology 4.0 that you should know

The phrase Technology 4.0  is discussed a lot in today’s society. However, do you really understand what 4.0 technology is and its characteristics? It can be said that the emergence of this digital technology platform has completely changed the landscape of the world. A new era has opened and brought a series of technological innovations, which have had a great impact on the entire field, including the economy of the world.

In this article, let’s find out in detail what 4.0 technology is, as well as the impacts it has brought to the fields. Although there is no denying the huge positive effects that 4.0 technology brings, everything will have two sides to it. What challenges will we face, as well as what should we prepare to be ready to enter the era of digitalization 4.0?

1. What is Industry 4.0?

Simply put, Technology 4.0 or Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution with the introduction of a set of new technologies. Unlike the third industrial revolution, 4.0 technology focuses on digital technology, technology related to cyber-physical systems, and Internet systems. In particular, the core elements of digital technology will be: Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data (Big Data). It is because of this that many people mistakenly believe that the 4.0 technology trend is just an extension of the 3rd industrial revolution (also known as the Digital Revolution), however due to the growing up in all branches and areas of life,

Cong Nghe 4.0Technology 4.0

2. What are the characteristics of 4.0 technology?

As mentioned above in the explanation of what 4.0 technology is, its characteristic is the combination of technologies, towards automation and blurring of physical boundaries. Emerging from the very third industrial revolution, technology 4.0 has blurred the lines between physical, digital and biological. With its three core elements, the fourth industrial revolution has created favorable conditions for building smart factories, allowing people anywhere in the world to connect. with each other anytime, anywhere through the Internet service network via mobile devices.

Not only that, with the arrival of 4.0 technology, traditional production has had a completely new makeover. The adoption of technology and interconnected computer systems across the supply chain has created integration for previously disparate systems and processes. Specifically, there are three technology trends driving the transformation of traditional manufacturing: Connectivity, automation and flexibility. The result of this is to speed up the production process, requiring less human effort but increasing productivity and quality. Like other industrial revolutions, the industrial revolution 4.0 will open up a new opportunity for investors to earn huge profits.

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3. How has Industry 4.0 changed industries?

After a preliminary understanding of what 4.0 technology is, it can be seen that it has made a comprehensive impact on the world’s economy. As a consequence, the 4.0 technology trend has been and will change the future of many industries, namely:

3.1 Software

Industry 4.0 will be the key factor to create breakthroughs in most traditional industries. Let’s look at the explosion of ride-hailing startups in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular, typically Grab – dubbed the unicorn startup in this field. The application of technology has turned Grab into a giant in the field of ride-hailing, gradually replacing the position of traditional taxi companies before.

Cong Nghe 4.0 02Technology 4.0

3.2 Medical

What will we gain when applying 4.0 technology in the health sector? The answer is the IBM Watson machine, also known as the “know-it-all doctor”. This machine is capable of browsing millions of medical records at the same time, thereby providing doctors with treatment options based on the information and evidence gathered in seconds. All thanks to the ability to aggregate huge data along with powerful information processing speed. Not only assisting in diagnosis, technology can also become a professional surgeon who is not inferior to anyone.

Today, there are a number of hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi that apply robotic technology to assist in performing surgery. These robots are designed to be less invasive, improve the accuracy and safety of surgeons when performing surgery, as well as help patients lose less blood, reduce pain and risk of complications. , speed up recovery. Not to mention, Nano technology has now been put into research in the medical field to help doctors examine and treat patients in places that normally cannot be reached.

3.3 Production

As mentioned above, 4.0 technology has brought a whole new face to the manufacturing field. Specifically, businesses can create smart factories, where machines can automatically communicate with each other to help save time, manpower, money and reduce waste to the environment. This achievement is all thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), which has helped connect devices together so that they become intelligent and interconnected. As a result, a device can handle a much larger amount of work than a standalone machine without a connection.

Cong Nghe 4.0 03Technology 4.0

3.4 Agriculture 4.0

With the manufacturing industry, businesses can create smart factories, with the agricultural industry, farmers can also create a smart farm with the support of technology. Agriculture 4.0 is considered a major breakthrough compared to traditional agriculture when it reduces the workload while improving productivity and sustainability. Not only that, when applying technology and techniques to agriculture, we will get results such as automatic tractors, precise fertilizing crops and farmers can freely control factors such as: weather, humidity, … to bring the most suitable living environment for the farm.

4. What are the expectations of the 4.0 technology era?

In fact, not only the 4.0 technology era but also any revolution will make society expect that it will bring a breakthrough, helping to improve the quality of life as well as increase income for everyone. Not only that, the 4.0 technology era is also expected to create a shift in labor structure, from manual labor to specialized labor with high-quality human resources. The proof is that currently in a number of developed countries, a number of models have appeared as a result of the application of achievements in the 4.0 technology era. These achievements are not only applicable to manufacturing enterprises, but any business can apply 4.0 technology to their organization to improve the working environment or management.

Cong Nghe 4.0 04Technology 4.0

5. What are the challenges surrounding the industrial revolution 4.0?

No matter what, there will always be two sides to it and the industrial revolution 4.0 is no exception. In addition to the benefits mentioned in the previous sections, we should also prepare ourselves to face the upcoming challenges. The industrial revolution 4.0 has brought about a change in society on a global level, so it has raised many doubts as follows:

  • Large disparity between unskilled and highly skilled workers
  • The disparity between large corporations/enterprises with strong financial and technological potentials compared to those with weaker foundations
  • A part of people in society does not keep up with the development of technology
  • All three of the above can lead to a common consequence, which is increasing tension in society due to the great change in the economy of the 4.0 technology era.

So we have just introduced you to all the concepts of what 4.0 technology is. It can be seen that technology 4.0 – also known as the fourth industrial revolution has created comprehensive changes on a worldwide scale. Technology 4.0 not only brings new promises and opportunities to society, but also brings new challenges.

It is this industrial revolution that has raised many concerns of people in society about their role and position in the world. Whether standing as an individual, a business or a leader of a country, everyone needs to cultivate and develop to adapt to this change if they do not want to be left behind. Through this article, hopefully we have helped you understand what 4.0 technology is as well as the characteristics and impacts that it has created for the fields in general and the field of Marketing in particular. It is certain that technology will create more new breakthroughs for society in the future, so each of us should prepare ourselves carefully to be ready for new changes.

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